“I came to see Suzanne when I was 19, having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks from a young age. At that time I was experiencing regular panic attacks, and anxiety dominated everything I did. Suzanne changed the way I dealt with my negative thoughts and fears and taught me techniques to help when I felt overwhelmed. The work we did changed my life. I was able to push myself out my comfort zone for the first time, and without her help I would never have flown to Australia to travel on my own for a year and a half. By helping me accept its part of my life, Suzanne has taught me not to fear anxiety and has equipped me with the ability to manage it. I am so grateful for her help, which I don’t doubt is the reason I’ve got to where I am today”. Emily

“University life was a fun, fast and intense 3 years of my life, with a combination of study and social activity keeping my occupied all day, every day. Come the last day of assessment and all activities grind to sudden halt, the change in the speed of my lifestyle had a major impact on my attitude to certain elements of my life. I was lost. I encountered panic attacks and anxiety for large periods of the day and doctors were very quick to slap the ‘depressed’ label on my head. I know myself better than anyone and before I accepted their diagnosis, and started the long course of anti-depressants, I was referred to Suzanne by a close friend of the family. I arranged a meeting with Suzanne to meet and discuss my concerns; we built up a fantastic conversation which allowed me to express all my concerns and worries. Suzanne has a wealth of experience and fantastic technique of feeling calm and at ease. It did not take Suzanne long to understand my anxiety, I felt she understood that my true personality was buried by this anxiety. My final meeting with Suzanne is one I will never forget, the techniques and thought processes she introduces are inspirational. They are very simple, but work in context to your personality. I still use the techniques when life throws new challenges and I have been referring people with similar concerns ever since”. Christopher

“I first contacted you at the end of September 2011 and came for an initial visit with regards to stopping smoking. I was sceptical as I had previously seen two hypnotherapists with regards to stopping, both of which had only been successful for a few months (less than a year each). You asked questions and about me in a different way and triggered thought processes I hadn’t considered. My goal was to not be smoking by mid-November. I immediately found I smoked less and I was looking forward to our next appointment. Your manner was very professional, calm and relaxed. I felt you really wanted to help and for me to succeed. Although I sometimes have cravings, these pass by and I have not smoked since the end of October 2011. Thank you again. I have recommended you to friends and colleagues and will continue to recommend you. I’m thinking of coming to see you about being so greedy”. Sarah

“I had five sessions with Suzanne to address some childhood issues which were manifesting themselves in adult romantic relationships – although that is to describe the issue with a clarity I could not have understood when I first went to see her. I chose Suzanne because a close friend had a positive experience through consulting her. There was rather a lot of back story to cover, and when you are telling your own story you can leave out relevant bits because you’re so familiar with it all, living alongside it yourself. But Suzanne untangled it all very helpfully, and then addressed what were clearly the major issues – my relationship with my mother, and how that was manifesting itself in adult life. I found she helped me find just a slightly altered perspective on the familiar landscape which completely changed how I interpreted formative events. I was very struck by how a small change in perspective made a big difference in peace of mind. I was particularly liberated by the idea that my issues in adult relationships were not brought about by the lack of something in me, which I had assumed; it was a really extraordinary revelation to me when she told me I had all the requirements, and that they could merely be applied differently for a happier result. I certainly found her consultations a very positive experience”. Kate

“The techniques used during my therapy sessions enabled me to confront the past trauma I had been through and to let go. All of this was done in such a way that I was in control of what was happening, and it helped me to take charge of the outcome which was most important. Having therapy has been a completely life changing event, I have since been able to enjoy things in life that most people normally would but for me were just so petrifying. I can’t thank Suzanne enough for the work she has done with me and would recommend her and this therapy to anyone looking for positive change in their lives”. Clare

“The therapy I did with Suzanne helped me immeasurably. She was very easy to talk to and seemed to understand what I was going through in a way that others didn’t. I genuinely look upon that period of my life as a turning point and I know that Suzanne was crucial in improving my state of mind and outlook on life. I feel extremely fortunate to have had those sessions with her”. Robert


All testimonials on this page have been included with permission from the authors. I would like to thank Emily, Christopher, Sarah, Kate, Clare and Robert for their contribution.